Dedicated Server and VPS Management

Do you need to move your website from one Web Hosting Company to another? Are you going crazy trying to figure out the difference between a "Domain Controller" and a "Web Hosting Company"?

Where and how is your website hosted? Do you have a Shared Hosted Plan? Is it on a VPS? Maybe you have a dedicated server?

There is a reason why these things sound confusing, and that's because they are. Especially if someone else set up the whole thing for you and now you are left with a paage full of links and passwords and no idea of how to go about it.

Or maybe your website stopped working and the person that set it up no longer works for you. 

At ContiCreative, we encounter scenarios like these on a daily basis, and we are here to help.

If you can provide us with the most basic information, we will contact your host, your Domain Controller (the place where the domain name is managed) and your new host if you wish to move your website elsewhere, and we will move your website for you.

We will also give you a comprehensive report on the type of technologies used on your website, if they still work with modern software, if security is an issue, and so on and we will let you make up your mind on your next step.

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