Directories and Catalogs almost fall into the E-commerce category, and often they are in fact commercial ventures, but in our view they comprise a separate category from the traditional Web Store.

Directories come in all shapes and form and they are often customized to the client's needs. One of the simplest examples would be a Telephone Directory, where every entry is a person's contact information.

Other examples are Restaurant Directories, where each entry can be categorized, searched and grouped by Tags or Keywords.

One common feature of many directories is extensive search capabilities, often featuring intelligent Zip Code location and Mapping Software.

We have built dozens of Directories over the years. Some for tracking incoming bids, others for club memberships, venues, etc.

Many directories also allow the general public to either enter their own data, or request access to their own data. For instance, in the case of a Restaurant directory,  relying on Restaurants to enter their own data could be frustrating, but once a compiled listing of all restaurants in one area is online and gaining traction, it is possible to then let each restaurant edit and customize their own existing entry. Often for a fee.

If you need to organize data so that it is easy to search and find or you need any kind of database, Call Us or Contact Us for a free review.


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