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At ContiCreative we provide basic SEO & Marketing for all the website we create. That means that preparing a site for SEO compliance as defined by Search Engines guidelines is implemented with even the simplest website we build.

We make sure that each page has a concise and keyword rich meta description, that all our pictures have alternative tags, that our sites load quickly and that they are mobile ready. All guidelines set forth by Google and the other Search giants.v

We also counsel our client in obtaining an SSL certificate, a necessity for e-Commerce or any website were personal data is handled. That too is one of the guidelines used to rank websites against one another. v

As we mentioned, we build every website with SEO in mind, even if marketing is not paramount in the client's mind. Many of the SEO guidelines are simply "Best Practices" for building modern websites.

But we are also aware that during the process of web development, any SEO we do is just a foundation for what is to come. SEO and Online Marketing in general are not a "Fire and Forget" type of weapon, but rather we like to compare it to Gardening or cultivating crops.

SEO is not as complicated as many would like you to think. Yes, tracking your website performance over time requires learning (and keeping up) with certain software tools that can be intimidating at first.

However, what the search engines reward is good, fresh content and high value inbound links. This is something that has not changed much from the very first days Google broke into the scene.

Certainly, things have gotten a lot more complex and many more variables have come into play, such as website load speed, security, mobile compatibility and so on, but good, frequently updated content and inbound links for well ranked websites are still the name of the game.

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